Zakiyyah Carter

Hi! My name is Zakiyyah Carter, and I am a Licensed/ Registered Occupational Therapist. Sometimes mental health conditions, physical disabilities, injuries, and other life factors can hinder us from participating in our daily lives. Facing barriers that make it difficult to live the life we envision can be extremely disappointing and leave us feeling empty inside. As an OT, it is my goal to help you find ways to overcome those obstacles. We can collaborate to rehabilitate, improve, regulate, and develop skills that allow you to optimize your actives of daily living, or occupations. Through increased independence and participation in daily activities, I seek to support you in living a life full of meaning and purpose. 
I have had the pleasure of treating clients of all age groups and varying conditions including but not limited to mental health (anxiety, depression, ADHD, suicidal ideation, postpartum depression and psychosis, eating disorders, etc.), developmental disabilities (autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability), physical conditions (stroke, heart attack, acquired and traumatic brain injury, cancer, joint replacement surgeries, cardiac rehabilitation, etc.). I strive to create an environment in which my clients feel supported, understood, and empowered. It is my belief that collaboration can be just as important as rehabilitation, so my approach will always be client-centered and tailored to meet your individual needs. 
Supporting clients in being able to experience life to the fullest is my passion, and I am committed to finding the best ways to help you thrive. Thank you for reading a little about me, and I look forward to learning more about you!

Jacqueline Cabrera

My name is Jacqueline Cabrera and I am a Bilingual Licensed Occupational Therapist. I graduated from California State University, Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a minor in Child Development, followed by a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Southern California.

My passion to help people led me to my career as an Occupational Therapist. I love doing what I do and take a holistic and client-centered approach when working with my clients. I enjoy getting to know my clients well. Learning about them allows me to be aware of their situation, interests, and what is truly important to them. I then aim to incorporate those aspects into treatment sessions to motivate my clients and to help them succeed!

My goal as an Occupational Therapist is to help my clients regain their sense of confidence and independence, thus allowing them to participate in their daily occupations to the best of their ability– whether it’s playing outdoors, being able to get dressed, or being able to self-regulate in a busy environment.

I have had the opportunity to work with clients across the life spectrum– from infancy to adulthood and have experience in working with clients with a variety of diagnosis– mental, developmental, and physical conditions, including those with multiple comorbidities.

I truly enjoy working with individuals and their families to reach their goals and full potential!


Individual Therapy

Group Therapy

All age groups

Treatment approaches:

ADL retraining

Cognitive retraining

Feeding therapy

Neuro- Muscular re-education

Parent/Caregiver training

Sensory Integration

Alternative languages:


Claudia Doty, M.S.
Clinical Executive Director

Hi! I’m Claudia Doty, Clinical Executive Director for Heredia Therapy Group.   My goal is to manage our objectives, programs, and processes to offer an excellent service to you and your loved ones.

I am deeply passionate about supporting the mental, emotional, and social development of youth, especially those in foster care.  That drive stems from my experience growing up in the system and the years I’ve spent working with families in the social service field. 
I believe caring for our mental health is crucial, as it affects us all in some capacity—whether it’s through our struggles or through those of people we know and love. 
My hope is that we can continue to provide quality therapy services to create a safe and supportive community.

Who I Am

I’m a Clinical Executive Director with a Masters of Science in Psychology from Arizona State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the California State University of San Bernardino.  

I’ve spent more than 11 years working with kids and families touched by adoption and foster care, leveraging my personal story to guide them through the process.  My work as a foster youth mentor for the Children’s Bureau has allowed me to support vulnerable people as they navigate the challenges and risk factors of foster care.  Additionally, my personal experience as a foster child has also empowered me to work with prospective parents and participate in conferences to find ways to increase community opportunities.

When I’m not working, I enjoy socializing, being active outside, cooking, and anything to do with animals!

What I Do


As a Clinical Executive Director, my role consists of setting and carrying out our practice’s strategies, policies, and procedures, ensuring all operational activities run smoothly.


I’m here to serve as a liaison between you, your family, and our team of health care professionals to facilitate your healing process.


To learn more about how we can support you, contact us today!