Dr. Joselyn Josephine Ayala-Encalada
Psyd, LMFT 96987
Clinical Director of Behavioral Health/ Supervisor

Hello. My name is Joselyn and I am a Bilingual Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.I graduated from Alliant International University where I received my Doctorate in Psychology, as well as my Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy.I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from University of California, Irvine where I majored in Psychology and Social Behavior, and minored in Chicano Studies. 


Symptoms and behaviors I have worked with before are youth with depression, anxiety, oppositional defiant behavior, conduct disorder, ADHD, auditory or visual hallucinations, suicide ideation, self-harming behaviors, low-self esteem, family conflict, and trauma, among others. 


As a therapist, I firmly believe the importance of being an ally and partner in this journey where my client feels supported, cared for, acknowledged, validated, and heard. I feel that one of the best qualities I have, as a therapist, is being transparent. Transparency builds trust and honesty. The therapeutic relationship I develop with my clients is crucial in the overall progress of treatment. 

As a bilingual therapist, I primarily work with monolingual Spanish speaking parents and their children. Although I can provide treatment within different modalities, my main “lens” of treatment is through Functional Family Therapy (FFT). FFT is an approach to working with family with youth at risk. My main focus through the use of FFT is to strengthen relationships in the family by opening up communication and reframing negative behavior’s by putting them within a positive relational context. 

It will be such a blessing and pleasure to be able to help you in whatever difficulties or struggles you may be going through. It is my passion to not only help you in the moment, but to also provide you with skills that you can take and use after the treatment is over, to be able to better help you through this journey of “Life.” 

Treatment Approaches:

· Family Systems

· Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

· Solution Focused Therapy

· Functional Family Therapy 

· Art Therapy


· Individual 

· Family

Nancy Ruiz-Barnes
LCSW 79552/Supervisor

I am Mrs. Nancy- thank you for taking the time in reading a little more about me. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with extensive experience as a Clinical Therapist. I completed my Master Degree in Social Work from California State University of Long Beach. I can use a variety of theories to conceptualize & help guide me throughout treatment including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focus and Crisis Intervention. 

It takes a lot of courage and bravery to share your story. Often times people process a lot of hurt and disappointment as the root of the cause for “problem”. Therefore, the therapeutic process can be very challenging and difficult. As your therapist I will go at your pace and really get a sense of what is needed to achieve your goals. I will create a safe space where kindness & compassion is felt, through my presence, body language, tone of voice and genuine energy for empathy. My goal is for you to be transparent, feel validated and connect what needs to happen in order for healing to occur. 

My experience includes working with the following populations: 

  • Post Postpartum Depression
  • Women’s Support 
  • Victim’s of Crime
  • Immigration issues
  • Children 
  • Adults 
  • Elders 
  • Families 
  • Couple’s
  • Gender/ Sexuality 
  • ADHD 
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Trauma 
  • Hospital environment 
  • Clinic settings 
  • Outpatient 
  • Treatment Approach/Types of Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Modality Individuals· Family

*Alternative Languages: Spanish

Jason Nerio
MS, LMFT 123814

Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to read a bit of me. I take it that because you have come across my page, you may require some mental or emotional support. By using my experience, knowledge, and training as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, my role will be to guide you through your journey of healing, growth, and meeting your own personal mental health goals. If you feel like you are ready to take that next step in your journey, I will be able to work alongside you by working at your pace to understand your experiences and needs while providing a safe, compassionate, and non-judgmental environment. I have experience working with a wide range of clients and families, all with different needs and presenting problems including trauma, anxiety, depression, behavioral/emotional disturbance, family conflict, life transitions, among many others. If you are interested in starting this process with me, I look forward to meeting you and beginning your journey together.

Teens (15+)

Treatment Approaches:
Client Centered

Seeking Safety
ART Therapy

Irma Fragoso
MA, LMFT 127103

Irma Fragoso is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#127103) that views therapy as a collaborative, trusting, and safe space where a person can come and feel heard, understood, and open to growing into their best of version of themselves. She received her Masters from Azusa Pacific University in 2017 where she learned how important it is to be culturally and spiritually sensitive to her clientele. I am a clinician that will support, encourage, and challenge you in seeing the hope within yourself to empower yourself to be the change you need. My goal is for you to feel validated and willing to create the changes you need to better your relationships with others. When working with children, I look for ways to be invited into their world and use play therapy as a way to understand their “language” to work through their struggles. I also invite parents, when appropriate, into the session to better their relationship with their children and understand how they view their world. Working with young adults, I seek to create a trusting and nonjudgmental space where they can feel validated while fostering resiliency, emotional regulation, and growth. I also work with adults in creating an environment that fosters growth, empowerment, and insight so that they have the skills they need to face any challenges. My hope is that we continue working together to create the narrative that suits your needs, improves your well-being, and empowers you to advocate for the services you need

Languages Spoken:





  • Adults
  • Young Adults
  • Adolescents (Age 13 – 17)
  • Children (Age 7 – 12)
  • Dyadic with children & parents

Treatment Approaches:

  • Client Centered
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Solution Focused
  • Narrative
  • Bowen
  • Psychodynamic
  • Culturally Sensitive
  • Play Therapy


  • ADHD
  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Domestic Violence
  • Divorce
  • Family Conflict
  • Grief & Loss
  • Impulsive Behaviors
  • LGBTQ+
  • Panic Attacks
  • Peer Relationships
  • Parenting Issues
  • Relational Problems
  • Self Esteem/ Self Harm
  • School Issues
  • Stress Management
  • Trauma

Clarice Stout
MA, LMFT 126162

Hello! I am Clarice Stout, a Licensed  Marriage and Family Therapist. Sometimes the stress & anxieties of life in personal, relational, work, or school issues can become overbearing. My approach to therapy is honest & empathetic while working with individuals, couples, adolescents, children, teens, and families. My aim is to explore different options that can help all clients with any of their stresses in life.I provide a reflective focus that is caring and understanding to help remove emotional blocks in order to lead clients to feel unstuck and reach their goals. My goal is to support all clients to move toward enduring growth.

I specialize in treating stress management, depression, anxiety, grief, anger management, trauma, adjustments, life transitions, addictive behaviors, & more. I have experience in helping clients of all ages, even those who are in the population group of transitional age youth, which is considered young adulthood.

I enjoy working with clients in any stage of life and I love helping people find their own power within themselves. My aim is for all clients to feel comfortable and supported during their time of healing and growth in therapy. 

Treatment Approaches ·  Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)·  Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ·  Play/Sand Therapy·  Emotionally Focused·  Family / Marital·  Internal Family Systems (IFS)·  Jungian·  Mindfulness-Based (MBCT)·  Motivational Interviewing·  Narrative·  Positive Psychology·  Psychodynamic·  Solution Focused Brief (SFBT)


Ages-Children (5-11)-Preteens / Tweens (11 to 13)-Young Adults -Adults

Specialties ·  Life transitions·  Anxiety·  Depression·  Self-esteem ·  School/Behavioral issues·  Personal growth·  Coping Skills·  Trauma


Areas to Explore 

Alcohol Abuse·  Anger Management·  Behavioral Issues·  Family Conflict·  Grief/Loss·  Education·  Internet Addiction·  Marital and Premarital·  Divorce·  Peer Relationships·  Relationship Issues·  Sexual Addiction·  Sleep or Insomnia·  Spirituality·  Stress·  Trauma and PTSD·  Communication·  Fears·  Sense of Self·  Sexuality·  Women’s Issues


Prepare and Enrich: Certified (Premarital Counseling) ·  Gottman Level 1 Clinical Training: Gottman Method Couples Therapy· Trauma Focused-Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Training ·  SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment): Trained (Alcohol & Drug Screening)


Hope International University- Marriage and Family Therapy M.A.Whittier College- Child Development B.A.

Michelle Gutierrez
MSW, LCSW 102152

Prioritizing your mental health

Throughout time, mental health has been two stigmatized words that all of us are familiar with. Take a moment for yourself to think what concerns or thoughts came to your head when you first thought about seeking mental health services. I am guessing there are a few people with positive experiences while on the other hand, there are a couple handful of people who have felt weird, abnormal or crazy. Believe me when I say you are not alone.

I am here to help change the way you see, receive, and feel about your mental health services. I have always held the belief that all of us throughout our life will experience some mental health episode. For some people this could look like a change in a work opportunity, self-medicating, everyday life stressors, losing a family member, or dealing with feelings of anxiety or depression. Our mental well-being deserves the same importance, recognition, and validation as our physical health concerns do.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, the core foundations of my work focus on empowering and motivating you as the client to work towards your goals. We all have inherent strengths and traits that are great tools to highlight in times of struggle or uncertainty. Through a holistic framework, we will embark together on a therapeutic journey looking at the whole picture to address your specific mental health needs and concerns. All I ask is you be open to the process and trust in yourself. I look forward to meeting you soon.


  • Adults: 18+
  • Elderly: 65+
  • Couples-Relational Support
  • Groups
  • LGBTQIA+ Friendly
  • Culturally Sensitive


Treatment Approaches:

  • Strength Based
  • Mindfulness
  • Holistic understanding
  • Client centered
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Crisis Stabilization/Intervention
  • Positive Psychology
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Talk therapy
  • Solution Focus
  • Harm Reduction
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Psychodynamic
  • Attachment Based Approached
  • Trauma focused/centered



  • Substance use/Chemical Dependency/ Dual Diagnoses/Co-Occurring
  • Depression & related mood disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Phobias/fears
  • Stage of life concerns/life transitions
  • Crisis
  • Self-Esteem
  • Stress
  • Grief and Loss
  • Forensic
  • Relationships
  • PTSD/Trauma
  • Military
  • Social Work/Marriage and Family Therapy school processing

Douglas Tu
LCSW 106379

Are you looking to reignite that spark in your eyes that you felt was lost a long time ago? Could you be feeling lost and seeking a way to find your sense of direction? Do you feel that your relationship has not been the same as it was years ago and you may need guidance on what to do with your partner? By working with me, you may not have to face these challenges on your own. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has dedicated my professional life supporting clients on their journey of healing, growth, and empowerment. I had the pleasure to work with an array of different populations including domestic violence survivors, undocumented immigrants, individuals struggling with major depression and anxiety, and couples. Other areas of interest include helping individuals heal from codependency and breakups, providing support for culturally sensitive-issues impacting the Asian American community, and providing solidarity as an LGBTQ+ ally. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read my profile. I hope we can work together to help you with meeting your goals! Modality: Teens (15+) Individual Adults Couples Treatment Approaches: Client Centered Eclectic Multicultural CBT Strengths-based Solutions-focused Feminist-based Specialties: EMDR EFT Gottman-method Havening Technique

Lisa Catanzaro
MS, LMFT 122538

Hello, my name is Lisa Catanzaro. Through empathy and support, I am here to help you through challenges you are facing. It can be hard dealing with so many different stressors and issues, and trying to navigate through it all may feel overwhelming. It is important to note that you are here, trying today, to begin to feel better and I am here to help you through whatever that path may look like. 

I work collaboratively with children, teens, and adults with a variety of different issues. I meet clients where they are at and I spend time creating a safe, non-judgmental, comfortable environment. I use play therapy and expressive arts with children, as this helps them communicate what they may be going through in a more relaxed setting. I also provide dyadic work with parents and children. This can assist parents in understanding their child’s experience and it may help parenting be a bit less stressful. With teens, I focus on providing support by learning about their interests and creating a space where they feel heard and understood. In working with adults, I use a collaborative process to create an individualized approach. Through the therapy process, I incorporate valuable skills and strategies so it may feel more manageable to handle what life throws our way. 

Through this process of working on ourselves, it isn’t always easy or clear. I can help provide some support, relief, and resources as you are on this path to helping yourself. I look forward to meeting and connecting with you!


  • Children  
  • Teens  
  • Adults

Treatment Approaches:  

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)  
  • Person-Centered  
  • Play Therapy 
  • Family Systems  
  • Humanistic  
  • Culturally Sensitive  
  • LGBTQIA+ Affirming


  • Self-Esteem  
  • Relationship Issues  
  • Depression  
  • Anxiety  
  • Bereavement  
  • Coping Skills  
  • Parent-Child 
  • Relational  
  • Family Conflict  
  • Parenting  
  • Stress  
  • Adjustment  
  • Personal Growth  
  • Phase of Life

Robert David Casas
MSW, LCSW 102376

I received my Masters degree in Social Work with a concentration on Integrated Health at California State University, Long Beach. 

It is my mission to support and empower individuals and families through humility, compassion and collaboration; I have experience working with children, teens and adults in various social service agencies such as: Progressive Resources, Respite Cordova, Premiere Health Care Services, YMCA, Whittier Union High School District and Los Angeles Centers for Alcohol and Drug Abuse. 

Through these agencies I have gained knowledge in working with children, teens and adults both self-referred and court mandated reporting symptoms. such as but not limited to  anxiety, depression, bereavement, bi-polar, anger, substance abuse, homelessness, marital issues, life adjustments and various forms of trauma. 

In addition, I have gained a strong interest in working with parents and families affected by complex conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other special needs. I have both professional and personal experiences in supporting parents and siblings in social support group settings. I also have past experiences as a social support/community integration staff member for children, teens and adults diagnosed with ASD.Overall, I am devoted to supporting and empowering the well-being of all individuals and families. Through a collaborative and humble approach, we can develop a plan for growth, enrichment and improved self-compassion. 

Thank you for taking the time to meet me. 

Ligia Orellana
LMFT 122659

I treat adolescents who struggle with depression, grief and loss, anxiety, life transition related issues. I also specialize in Adult populations who have survived and have been impacted by trauma. As well as going through life stressors and transitions impacting their daily living. 

When working with adolescents and adults, I meet them where they are and help get to know their inner world and story of life experiences that have created them as individuals. Family systems theory is used as a way to understand their story of who they are from their own lens. I use narrative therapy and individual cognitive therapy with the goal to help them gain insight into the connection of their past experiences and present actions, in efforts to help them gain confidence in understanding themselves and managing any emotional distress on their own. 

My role with adolescents and adults is to be a non-judgmental witness to their life story and assist in their growth as an individual. As well as a guide to foster improved functioning, resiliency, and increased insight into themselves. My foundation is strength based and my ultimate goal is to help you gain not only an increased insight, but also an increased confidence to cope with life’s tribulations.


Adolescents (from age 14)

Treatment Approaches:
Individual Cognitive Behavior Therapy 
Cognitive Processing Therapy 
Psychodynamic Therapy 
Narrative Therapy 
Family Systems 
Culturally Sensitive

Trauma and Stress Related Experiences including childhood trauma, survivors of trauma, inti-mate partner violence. 
Co-morbidity with substance use related disorders 
Life transitions 
Personal Growth 
Relationship Issues

Raquel Martinez
MSW, ACSW 91884
Supervised by Nancy Ruiz-Barnes LCSW 79552
Social Skills & Mozzaz Clinician

My name is Raquel Martinez and I am a bilingual Registered Associate Social Worker. I earned my Master’s degree in Social Work with a concentration in Mental Health from the University of Southern California. I also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Cal State University Northridge.

I am passionate in my belief that mental health is as or more important than physical health.I believe that therapy is a collaborative journey to deep self-discovery. This journey is a collaboration between the client and therapist, and it will require honest caring without judgment.Therapy is not a “one size fits all” which is why I dedicate to learning from my clients lives and current situations in order to create a tailored strength based approach that is holistic and guided by the individual needs of the client.

I have had the opportunity to work with different populations to include: teens, adults, older adults, homeless, and veterans.  I have experience working in both inpatient and outpatient settings. I have worked with patients with diagnoses ranging from ADHD, PTSD, Depressive Disorders, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Substance Use Disorders, and Developmental Disorders. My personal and diverse professional experience in the field of mental health enables me with being comfortable counseling diverse groups of individuals. 

I am guided by commitment, passion, and dedication. Thank you for reading about me and I look forward to working with you!

Destiny Aguirre
MS, Registered AMFT 128039
Supervised by

It takes courage to ask for help. You might be hesitant about starting therapy and that’s okay. You do not have to struggle alone. Whatever obstacles or concerns you may be dealing with, we can work through it together. 

Hi, my name is Destiny Aguirre and I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #128039. I earned my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of La Verne. I also earned my Bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in Child Development from Cal State Fullerton. 

I genuinely care about helping my clients grow, find purpose and reach their goals. Our sessions together will consist of a supportive, safe, and non-judgmental environment to help you through your current struggles. I utilize a variety of treatment approaches that are tailored to fit your needs in order to find healing. 


  • Children, Adolescents, Adults, and Older Adults
  • Individual, Family, Couple&Groups 

Treatment Approach

  • Psychodynamic therapy including attachment based approach, relational therapy, and interpersonal process therapy. 
  • Client centered therapy
  • Play therapy 
  • Relational therapy 
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy 
  • Trauma-focused CBT 
  • Adlerian Therapy 
  • Culturally Sensitive 


  • Trauma Focus
  • Grief
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Self-Harm
  • Family Conflict 
  • Gender and Sexual Identity 
  • Self-Esteem
  • Life Transitions
  • Relationship issues 
  • Medical Issues 
  • Behavioral Issues. 

Diana Ibarra
MA, AMFT 127753

My name is Diana Ibarra, M.A. I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #127753 Navigating life and relationships can be hard and stressful. As your therapist, I work to provide a safe, and comfortable environment where we can work together to process those difficult moments, without judgement.I will walk with you on this journey of healing, learning, and growth with respect, compassion, and authenticity. My goal is to teach clients how to handle/cope in difficult times, pass on my skills, and for clients to gain the confidence they need. In the therapeutic process, we will work together to get to the core of the problem. I work with individuals, couples, children, and families. I treat individuals who struggle with anxiety, depression, family and relationship issues, trauma, work/school stress, self-esteem issues, and addictions. My approach to the therapeutic relationship is developing rapport based on trust and respect for the client while working together towards their goals and overcoming challenges in their life. 

Languages: -English -Spanish 

Modality: -Individual -Children -Adolescents (13-17 yrs old) -Adults (18-50 yr olds.) -Older Adults (65+ yr olds) -Families -Couples -Groups 

Treatment Approaches: -Psychodynamic Therapy including Attachment Based Approach, Relational Therapy, and Interpersonal Process Therapy -CBT -EMDR -Relational -Mindfulness -Play Therapy 

Specialties: -Depression -Anxiety -Grief -Parenting -Relational Issues -Body Image -Personal Growth -Life Transitions -Family Conflicts -Infidelity -Coping Skills -Behavioral Issues -Stress

Amber Moland MS, AMFT 130201
Supervised by Dr. Joselyn Ayala-Encalada
PsyD, LMFT 96987

My name is Amber Moland, and I am a registered associate marriage and family therapist with experience treating minors, adults, and families. My approach to treatment is client-centered using various theories such as solution-focused brief therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and play therapy. Additionally, my emphasis is placed on offering genuine empathy, collaboration, identifying client’s strengths and having cultural awareness. My specialties include but are not limited to stress related experiences, depression, anxiety, personal growth, relationship issues, family conflict, and self-esteem. With the passion to serve as a guide and support, I look forward to working with you.



Veronica Salcido Rodriguez
MS, AMFT 109425
Supervised by Nancy Ruiz-Barnes LCSW 79552

Hi my name is Veronica Salcido Rodriguez and I am a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. I graduate with a Bachelor’s degree from California State University, Long Beach and received my Master’s from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. 

I am a bilingual therapist who has experiencing working with children and their families. I have experience with clients who struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, identity, and relationship issues. I do my best to create a welcoming, supportive, and safe environment as we work on our therapeutic relationship and explore the concerns and stressors that are brought into each session. 

I use a variety of techniques and treatment approaches when working with clients because I believe that I must meet my clients where they are at and no client is the same so I must adapt the theoretical orientations to meet their needs. Through a collaborative approach I help clients identify the obstacles and help remove them while providing empathy and support. I am passionate about helping others, I am hardworking, and always think of what is in the best interest of the client. Thank you for taking the time to meet me and I look forward to working with you!


  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Individual
  • Adults
  • Couples
  • Family


  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Self-esteem
  • Relationship Issues
  • Stress Disorder
  • Family Conflict 

Treatment Approaches:

  • Client centered Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral
  • Bowen Family Therapy
  • Structural Therapy
  • Culturally Sensitive


Dr. Jessica Vartanyan
PsyD, LMFT 108362

My name is Jessica and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from University of California, Irvine. After completing my B.A., I attended Alliant International University where I earned a Doctorate of Psychology in Couple and Family Therapy. 


My clinical experiences include working with children, adolescents, and adults from culturally diverse backgrounds. I also have experience working as a therapist in school-based counseling programs for K-12th grade students. 


In addition to therapy, I am also passionate about teaching. I have worked as an adjunct professor and co-teacher for various Master’s level courses at Alliant International University including MFT Theories & Techniques Lab, Diversity and the Family, and Group Therapy. 


I strongly believe that each individual has their own special strengths. My goal as a therapist is to ensure that my clients are aware of their strengths and are feeling empowered despite the challenges life may bring. 


Thank you for visiting my page. I look forward to meeting with you. 

Modality: Individual, family, group

Age: Children (6-10), Pre-Teens/Tweens (11-13), Adolescents, Young Adults, Adults. 

Treatment approaches: Cognitive-Behavioral, Art therapy, Play therapy, Mindfulness

Specialties: Life transitions, Anxiety, Depression, Self-esteem, Family conflict, Parenting skills, School/Behavioral issues, Personal growth

Alternative Languages: Armenian and Turkish