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Debbie Miranda, BA, Social Skills Clinician

Supervised by Dr. Karla Heredia, PsyD, LMFT 92394


Debbie Miranda has a BA in psychology from California State University Long Beach. She is passionate about helping others and mental health awareness.Throughout her years as an undergraduate student Debbie gained experience with domestic and sexual abuse survivors, children with developmental disorders and adults with mental illnesses. She took on different responsibilities through her volunteer, research and employment opportunities and managed to succeed in her academics. Debbie worked as a direct interventionist with mainly children with Autism Spectrum Disorder for 2.5 years. Debbie worked closely with parents and family members in order to best assist the child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. During her time with this population Debbie worked in social skills groups, class rooms in school setting and at home for one on one interventions. She had the opportunity to work with adolescences and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Debbie gained the respect from her client's family members thanks to her interventions, professionalism and care for her clients. She assisted her clients with activities of daily living, social skills, emotion management, as well as receptive and expressive language. After graduating from university, Debbie quickly began working as a counselor with adults with mental illnesses. Debbie assisted adults in their recovery by setting personalized goals and taking the clinical steps with her clients to reach such goals. She provided her clients with psycho-education and taught coping skills. She is currently attending the Master's in Social Work program at California State University Long Beach. After licensure, she hopes to continue to assist people through therap

Treatment approach



-Strength based


-Crisis intervention

-Motivational Interviewing


-Adaptive coping mechanisms 


-5150 Certified 

-Sexual Assault counselor 

-ABA Direct interventionist


-Autism Spectrum Disorder 

-Anger Management 

-Developmental Disorders


-Domestic Violence

-Sexual Assault