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Autism Assessment Services

Sometimes, you just need answers.

ASD Assessments


Autism Psychological Testing

In addition to our therapy and social skills services, Heredia Therapy Group also offers formal evaluations for autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder.  

Getting an accurate, early diagnosis is absolutely critical – so we utilize the gold standard assessment tools for diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as other emotional/behavioral concerns that may impact your child’s functioning.  

If you interested and ready to sign up, contact us today to get on our schedule.  To learn more about signs of autism and how testing can help, read on!

Does my child need testing for autism?

The CDC reported (2018) that approximately 1 in 59 children met criteria for a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, many believe these numbers to be an underestimate – particularly with young girls, who are often dismissed as simply shy or odd. 

Some of the most common indicators of autism include:

  • Overstimulation and/or under-stimulation by lights, sounds, touch, or taste.
  • Difficulty understanding and noticing social information.
  • Strong preference for routines, sameness, and familiarity. 
  • Differences in eye contact or body language.
  • Differences in communication and emotional expression. 

Autism is typically identified early in life, around elementary school age. However, as public awareness about autism has increased, many teens and adults have begun to recognize Autism traits in themselves.  This has led to an upsurge of referrals for people seeking help for autism.  

If you have noticed signs of autism, if your child is struggling, or if you just want answers, we can help.  Contact us today to get started.  

How can an Autism Assessment help?

Early detection and support can make all the difference for children diagnosed with autism.  

Kids diagnosed with autism can learn important social skills, self-regulation tools, and self-confidence; however, an accurate diagnosis is the first step to success.  For example, children can experience other difficulties which may appear similar to autism (e.g., learning disorder, intellectual disability, anxiety), yet the treatment may look different for those conditions.  

In addition to the gold standard assessment tools used to identify signs and symptoms of autism, we utilize other testing measures to provide an in-depth look at your child’s functioning. 


Assessments include: 

  • ADOS-2
  • SCQ
  • ADI-R
  • WISC-V
  • ABAS-3
  • DP-3

Depending on the child and the goals for assessment, testing might also include an examination of:

  • Cognitive functioning (Working Memory, Processing Speed, etc.)
  • Emotional functioning (Depression, Anxiety, etc.)
  • Executive functioning (ADHD, ADD, etc.)
  • And more!

We strive to answer any and all questions you might have about your child – you deserve nothing less! 

Once we know what might be going on and what the diagnosis might include, we offer our recommendations and practical solutions.  Some examples of this might include:

  • Social skills training (such as our social skills groups!)
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Study and other at-school strategies 
  • Parenting strategies
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Floor time
  • And more!

You don’t have to wait and hope for things to get better on their own.  The team at Heredia Therapy Group is here to help.  Contact us today to get started.

How does assessment work at Heredia Therapy Group?

Our assessment services are completely confidential and specifically tailored to your needs.  

You and your child will initially meet together with an assessment psychologist to discuss your questions and identify whether or not a full assessment is necessary.  From there, in-person testing will primarily be done one-on-one with your child, followed by a final meeting (typically just between clinician and parent) to discuss the results and recommendations. 

In total, assessments tend to take approximately a few weeks, as we deeply value testing accuracy and thoroughness. If you have questions about our assessments or would like to sign up today, send us a message!  We’d love to hear from you.

No one should have to wonder and worry alone.  You and your child deserve answers – and we are here to make it happen.  Contact us today to get started.

Interested? Let’s Work Together!

Interested in hearing more about Heredia Therapy Group?  Want to learn more about us?  Check out our Meet the Team section to read about who we are and what we do!  Our hope is that you feel welcome and encouraged so that, when you are ready, we can get started your wellness journey.  

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